Creatives answering
the UN brief

The United Nations and WHO wants our help to stop the spread of COVID-19. We want to show them that we creatives are doing our best to contribute, by making a joint effort to answer their brief with impactful creativity.

Tuesday afternoon April 7th 2020, participants from all over the world joined digitally to create solutions to this brief. Thanks to everyone involved!


For whom: Creative agencies and independent creatives.

When: This Tuesday April 7th, 1pm - 4.30pm 

What: Digital video conference where teams work simultaneously from their home offices, taking 3.5 hours from their work day to solve the UN brief.

Team size: 2-5 people. Any amount of teams from your agency are of course welcome. If you are solo and want to find a team, we’ll create a team for you at the start of the event. And if you want to work solo, please join as well!

How: After signing up, we'll send you a link to a video conference, where all participants will join. Additionally, we encourage you to set up your own video conference for in-team communication.

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1.00pm Introduction (bring coffee)
- Say hi to the other teams

1.15pm The brief 

1.30pm Digitally facilitated ideation starts
- The problem and challenge
- Generating ideas
- Evaluating ideas

2.30pm Break (more coffee)

2.45pm Visualize chosen idea

3.45pm Share ideas och next steps

4.30pm Done for today

And last of all, don't forget to submit your ideas to the UN before the 9th of April at 7pm CEST (6pm London time).

Hope to see you on Tuesday!